People are swarming the Oculus website to pre-order the Rift virtual reality headset, according to tweets from Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. The startup started taking orders for the virtual reality headset at 8 a.m. Pacific time.

An Oculus representative declined to share sales data or information about how many hits the website was getting, so we'll have to take Luckey's word for it at this point. 

"We are experiencing insanely high load. Credit card processing is trying to stay livr under load from mass script kiddie fraud attempts," tweeted Luckey 15 minutes into pre-sales.

"Wow, people really want Rifts. There must be a lot of lurkers in the VR community," he later tweeted.

Also, folks abroad are apparently upset over what they perceive as a price differential.

"International Rift prices are not artificially bloated - we have to cover the required taxes, sales tax in USA works differently," tweeted Luckey.

The headset kit is priced at $599, and consumers can purchase a Rift and PC bundle for $1499. (You need a pretty high-end PC to operate the Rift headset.) Products start shipping at the end of March.

Oculus announced the pre-order start date Monday, stating on its blog that details like price and start date would be kept under wraps until pre-orders began. The Rift is considered cutting edge in virtual reality technology and the release has been hyped for a while.

Virtual reality headsets that operate using smartphones, allowing for a portable VR experience, have made the technology increasingly commonplace. Luckey has said he believes the technology will be more than accepted though in the future - he thinks it will be everywhere.

Tech Insider quoted him in November saying virtual reality "is going to be more ubiquitous than the smartphone."