Looking to catch  Sam Altman's eye? There are a few key areas where you'll want to focus the efforts of your startup.

The Y Combinator president Tweeted Monday that he and fellow partner at the Bay Area startup accelerator, Paul Buchheit, were most interested in funding startups that bring down costs in housing, health care and education.  

Buchheit recently succeeded Altman as managing partner of YC's accelerator program. The organization also runs other programs including a fellowship.

"We are particularly interested in funding startups to lower the cost of education, housing and healthcare," he tweeted, saying all were areas where prices had gone up but in his mind should have gone down.

"A great way to help address wealth inequality is to make it as cheap as possible to have an awesome life," he tweeted.

Altman elaborated on his points in an email conversation with Inc. Tuesday morning.

"These issues are important because they're areas where costs have gone massively up over the last decades, instead of down, which is what you'd normally expect technology to make happen and what's happened in a lot of other areas," he said.

Altman has in the past made a case for basic income, or providing a base income to all people regardless of employment status, to buoy quality of life.

He has also been a vocal proponent of building more housing in the Bay Area, where housing costs have risen dramatically over the past few years as affluent tech workers have moved to the area driving up the demand for housing as well as housing values and rents.

His desire to fund startups centered on housing issues is not specific to solving the Bay Area's housing issues. "We certainly feel the housing crisis exceptionally painfully in the Bay Area, but these are problems in many, many places."

Altman's predecessor as head of Y Combinator, Paul Graham, recently stirred controversy with an essay saying efforts to reduce inequality will hurt startups and are misguided.  

The YC president said other partners at the accelerator share his and Buchheit's investing interests. He pointed out that all three areas are mentioned in YC's request for startups page, so he wasn't exactly expressing a new frame of mind in his tweets.

"We haven't seen as many companies as we'd like to fund in these areas, so (we) wanted to renew the call," he said.