Stephen Curry is a hero to Golden State Warriors fans, but the superstar point guard has some Bay Area heroes of his own: Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. He wants to be one of them.

Curry chatted on stage Tuesday at TechCrunch's Disrupt SF conference in San Francisco about his involvement with the tech world and views on Silicon Valley startups, as well as his philanthropic endeavors.

The athlete, who recently founded a marketing startup called Slyce,* aimed at influencers like himself, expects to invest in more tech startups down the road.

Asked by TechCrunch senior writer Jordan Crook what types of technology he hoped to see implemented on the court in the future, Curry joked, "One would be to just help me dunk more."

Insinuating that such a task might be a bit much to ask of a technology product, he said he was impressed by fitness trackers and other technology aimed at athletes and people who stay active.

In a lightning round of questions, Curry offered some insight into his tech-product preferences and habits.

What app can't he do without? Instagram. He prefers it to Snapchat. He wouldn't say whether he's in the iOS or Android camp, but he was willing to state his preferred ride-hailing app. Between Lyft and Uber, he chose Uber, saying that it was the only one of the pair he had tried.

"Those rides with drivers are amazing," he said. "They're, like, the biggest fans."

Curry said that in addition to investing, he hopes to eventually expand his philanthropic footprint to include local educational institutions.

"When it comes to education, that's something my mom instilled in me from day one," he said. "That's something that I'm very interested in, too."

Curry already makes philanthropic contributions to organizations combating the spread of malaria abroad.

*Correction: The original version of this story misspelled the name of a startup founded by Curry and incorrectly characterized its use. The startup is called Slyce and it is a social media publishing and tracking platform for brands, in the marketing tech space.