Stripe on Monday announced the release of a new set of tools for retailers called Relay, which allows consumers to make in-app purchases with one click.

In addition to partnering with individual retailers on their applications, Stripe has partnered with Twitter to allow for one-click purchases of products advertised in Tweets from company Twitter pages. Company materials call the new product the first “universal sell button” for the internet.

During a launch event in San Francisco, Stripe cofounder and CEO Patrick Collison said the new service will allow consumers and businesses to bypass the “obstacle course” of requests for billing and mailing address, credit card numbers and more information before completing a purchase.

“It’s the sort of thing that when you see it, it has an air of inevitability to it,” he said.

Merchants will have the option of including a “remember me” feature that platforms using Relay may opt into. The option allows Stripe to retain user payment information so that the user doesn’t need to re-enter the information when he or she makes purchases within the app in question, even when purchasing from different merchants.

For example, on Twitter, Relay automatically retains user payment information starting from the first purchase and uses that information for future purchases regardless of the merchant. The retention prevents the need for the custoemr to go to a third party website to complete the perchase. The outcome of the “remember me” option is that Relay operates as a sort of “lightweight account” for consumers, according to Stripe engineer Jim Danz.

While Relay offers convenience for users, Stripe executives emphasize that the tool set was developed with developers and merchants in mind and is intended to help businesses maintain a direct relationship with consumers.

Stripe Chief Operating Officer Claire Hughes Johnson notes that the Relay purchase button does not include Stripe’s name.

Additionally, consumers do not go to the Stripe website to create profiles, but instead input their payment information as part of initial purchases from merchants.

“This is just a missing piece in commerce,” says Hughes Johnson.

Initial launch partners include Twitter, Warby Parker, ShopStyle, Spring, Saks Fifth Avenue, Wish, Tuft & Needle, Teespring, Hello, Glossier and FabFitfun, according to company materials. 

Editor's note: This post has been corrected to explain the "remember me" feature of Relay. Stripe gives applications and platforms like Twitter that incorporate Relay the option of retaining customer payment information to repopulate for each purchase within the application.