It was less than a year ago that Sean Rad was  removed as CEO of Tinder in the wake of a sexual-harassment scandal that called into question his judgment, morals, and professionalism, and only three months ago that he was reinstated.  This week, Match, the unit of tech-conglomerate IAC that owns Tinder, will spin out as its own company in a closely watched IPO. 

So you might think Rad would be on his best behavior for once. Apparently not, judging from a uniquely bizarre interview with the Evening Standard of London. 

The 29-year-old pretty much sounded like he was running through a laundry list of everything his PR team told him not to say, starting with his admission that he is addicted to Tinder and falls in love with another woman he meets on the dating app every other week.

If you're time-pressed, here's the boiled-down version.

His interview was baffling.

Describing what attracts him to women, Rad said: "Apparently there's a term for someone who gets turned on by intellectual stuff. You know, just talking. What's the word? I want to say 'sodomy'?" At this point in the interview, the communications VP for Tinder shrieks that the two of them will be fired and Rad acts like he has no idea what's going on. He ends up concluding that sodomy was not the word he was looking for.

His interview was creepy.

You might remember the Vanity Fair expose that framed Tinder as a casual-sex application that signaled a dating apocalypse. Explaining that he was defensive and upset about the article, Rad told Evening Standard reporter Charlotte Edwardes that "there's some stuff" about Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales "as an individual that will make you think differently." He declined to share details.

He shared personal details no one wants to know.

In case you were wondering -- you probably weren't, but just in case -- Rad has slept with about 20 women. He's all about getting into a serious relationship and having "lots of children." As proof of his character, Rad wants you to know that there's this gorgeous supermodel  -- "someone really, really famous" -- who keeps trying to sleep with him, taunting him and calling him a prude, "and I've been like, no."

But there is a silver lining.

Contrary to at least one popular use for Tinder, the app is not intended as a platform for sending photos of genitalia. "I do not condone penis pictures -- that is just NOT who I am," said Rad.