Don't expect stellar news Tuesday from Yahoo as the troubled company reports its third quarter financial results. And don't expect Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and CFO Kenneth Goldman to explain the results over livestream, as there won't be an earnings call.

First, the forecast: Market research firm eMarketer predicts further declines in net ad revenue from the company is it presumably continues its pending sale to Verizon. Yahoo's worldwide ad revenues declined 3.5 percent in 2015 and are expected to drop more than 10 percent further this year, according to eMarketer.

"Yahoo's search ad revenues are declining even faster, down 7.5% worldwide last year and set to fall another 16.6% this year. In 2015, Yahoo enjoyed 2.1% of the world's net search ad revenues, and this year the figure will fall to 1.5%. Even after a return to (low) growth, Yahoo will continue losing share of the worldwide search market as other players--including Google, Baidu, Microsoft and Sohu--grow their search ad businesses more quickly," the market research firm reported Monday.

The grim outlook follows news that millions of Yahoo account credentials were hacked and that Yahoo had been scanning emails for U.S. intelligence agencies. Verizon has reportedly sought a $1 billion discount on its planned $4.8 billion purchase of Yahoo due to the cybersecurity breach.

Now about that canceled call. While Yahoo's expectedly dismal financial performance may seem routine to shareholders, the company's decision last week to nix its usual earnings call raised eyebrows. "Investors will have to wait a little longer to see Yahoo execs grilled over the Verizon acquisition drama," CNN Money said. Yahoo cited the pending transaction as its reason for scrapping the call.