Road warriors have a cadre of tried and true travel tips that make simplify and chic-ify business travel -- a topic I explore in the latest episode of The Inc. Life. Here, I turn my questions to the pros, in search of a little advice for the rest of us.

Rachel Roy, Fashion designer

Roy travels the globe sourcing fabrics and promoting her designs at tony retailers like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

When I travel I always pack'¦

A carry-on with my own pillow, cashmere blanket, and enough essentials to get me through the next day just in case my luggage is lost.

Rose hydrating spray to freshen and reduce the puffiness that comes with travel.

Travel candles, good reading material, and photos of my children to make my hotel room feel more like home.

A completely edited wardrobe with accessories and outfits planned for each day to keep myself organized.

Harry Slatkin, President of Home Design for Limited Brands

The man who pioneered the category of scented candles for the home with Slatkin & Co. now spends weeks on the road designing and promoting the Limited's explosive arena of home fragrance.

Your luggage of choice?

I carry an oversized black Hermes Birkin bag for three-day travel and a hard Louis Vuitton when I am away for four nights or more.

Must haves?

iPod nano, chewy mints, and my black fig and absinthe room spray.

Travel tips?

Drink as much chamomile tea as possible on a plane and always take Airborne, because germs are everywhere. Someone always has a cough that you don't want to catch.

Grooming products?

Pat Wexler skin care.

Packing tips?

One blue suit and two pairs of pants give you five different ensembles. I love Prada because the microfibers in the suiting prevent wrinkling. Everything pops out of a suitcase perfection.

To keep busy on trips to Europe, I bring dozens of magazines and tearsheet everything for inspiration. Airplane food is so awful that I always travel with high fiber crackers and My Little Cow (light) cheese.

Karen Herbst, CEO of The International Kitchen

Herbst organizes culinary vacations all over the world. So, she is in Italy, Spain, France, and Morocco exploring the latest and greatest new locations and test driving chefs

Your suitcase?

I carry a 24-inch expandable carry-on if I am away for one night or two weeks!

What do you pack?

Three pairs of dark pants, one dressy blouse, one blazer, a few sweaters to layer. I love no-iron shirts. If I wear a white blouse, I wear it alone once and under a sweater the second time. I always bring things that I can wash.

I pack everything in Ziplock bags: Nightgown, robe, slippers in one bag. My clothes are all packed in plastic cleaning bags and layered on hangers so everything is ready to pull out and wear without thinking about it.. I am often in one place just for one night so this method seriously takes five minutes to pack up in the morning.

Any rules to live by?

I always bring a cashmere wrap to use as a blanket.

I always bring my own robe and slippers to feel at home.

I always bring an alarm clock. I never trust a wakeup calls and adapters.

I always have a cosmetic case ready to go packed with TSA-approved sizes so I don't need to think about it.

I always bring raisins and raw almonds so I don't starve when the flight is delayed.