Everyone feels better when they work out. The problem? Finding time to get to the gym. Case in point? Moi. I, like most working mamas, have to finesse getting myself and two kids fed, dressed, and out the door by 8:30 a.m. I'd love to go to the gym at 4 or 5. But life, work, and the crafting of a quasi-healthy dinner for my family, always intervenes.

I thank the god of sculpted triceps for putting me in the path of Fred Devito, vice president of Movement of Exhale Spas. Fred, along with his wife Elisabeth Halfpapp, created an exercise regimen -- Core Fusion -- based on yoga, pilates, and dance to tone and strengthen the entire body. I started going to his classes in New York City; a welcome respite from the mind-numbing gym jaunts. I was ecstatic when Exhale opened in Chicago (and all over the country).

After I had a baby, Fred flew to Chicago and challenged me to do Exhale's six-week transformation program to ditch the 36-odd pounds of blubber acquired during my mac and cheese infused pregnancy. I did a story on the experience (which worked!) and Fred taught me a series of precise moves that I could do at home for insta-toning. The genius of Core Fusion is that it can be done anywhere and with no equipment.

To illustrate how user-friendly this workout is for busy execs and business travelers, I shot our latest episode of The Inc. Life at beautiful The Allegro Hotel in Chicago with two super cool entrepreneurs, Jason Scher of Vosges Haut Chocolate and Genevieve Thiers, CEO of SitterCity.com. After six minutes, both test subjects were schvitzing. That's a good thing.

Remember, all you need is 20 minutes. So why not give it a shot?

And if you've got your own workout tips for other weary business travelers, drop me a comment.