There is a palpable swagger -- a fashion induced confidence, if you will -- innate to a well-dressed man.

Fashion may not be top of mind to many an exec. In fact, it probably ranks well below making payroll, delivering client presentations, and putting out the fires blazing throughout the workspace. But, the fact remains that in business, presentation is everything. Ill-fitting, boxy suits, a bad break in the pants, or a too-long jacket can send a message of sloppiness and disconnect with modernity. That is why tailors across the country are seeing men invest in bespoke clothing, as I discuss in the latest episode of The Inc. Life.

Bespoke, a word derived from the term "to be spoken for" in 17th century London, is a piece of clothing that is entirely made by hand for the client in accordance with about 30 measurements. Until the '60s bespoke was relegated to the ranks of aristocrats. The Beatles changed the paradigm by having Savile Row tailors design one-off outfits that defined rock and roll. The groovy part? The clothes fit perfectly and were absolutely unavailable to anyone else. Celebrities like Cary Grant followed suit -- pun intended -- and ignited a trend across Hollywood.

So what does this mean for you? A perfectly tailored suit, pants, jacket, and shirt sends a powerful message of polish and poise. Bespoke does not have to cost $60,000. A local tailor can craft a sharply cut custom suit for about $2000, depending upon fabrication and custom details. Keep in mind that a good suit is an investment. Shirts, pants and jackets can be delivered at a price point similar to off the rack. Often, the tailor can even come to your office, measuring tape in hand and fabric swatches for selection.

Want to stand out in a crowd? I have one word for you: custom, custom, custom!