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OK, maybe you don't have the summer off like you used to in school. But despite that, summer is a great time to pick up a side project--especially when your energy is high and you're taking it a little easier at work than you do during the rest of the year.

So, to give you some extra motivation, I've rounded up some of the best online classes you can take this season to boost your résumé, learn something new and exciting, or even increase your chances of landing your dream job or earning a promotion. Bonus--they are a lot easier and more fun than summer school.

Let the learning begin!


Become a master of social media advertising with this class by learning how to promote on Quora, increase subscribers on YouTube, improve SEO on Pinterest, and more!

Length: 3.5 hours/72 lectures
Cost: $25


Instead of avoiding marketing altogether, now's the chance for introverts to embrace their strengths and become experts in networking, publicity, speaking in public, and other key marketing activities. Nothing's impossible, even for the less outspoken!

Length: 1.5 hours/20 lectures
Cost: $35


Marketing is unique in different settings--which is why this course is a great way to learn how to think across industries and markets. As you progress through the specialization, you'll begin to focus on various topics, including health care, B2B, entertainment, and more.

(Note: All sections are sold separately.)

Length: 5 lessons
Cost: $59 to $79 per lesson



Just as the title promises, this course will cover all the basics of Linux, turning beginners into experts in less than a week.

Length: 73 lectures/12 hours
Cost: $25


This course focuses on a hands-on approach--you'll be able to build your own practical programs through the design method rather than programming language.

Length: 5 hours per week, 5 weeks per course/3 parts
Cost: $50 per course


Tackle every aspect of web development with this specialization course. It will discuss the basics, such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS, as well as more advanced programming, including mobile app development.

(Note: All sections are sold separately.)

Length: 5 lessons
Cost: $79 per lesson



If big, financial jargon terrifies you, this course is a great start to breaking down terms to understand how to make money and control risk. You'll discover the benefits of a price chart and how to find good investments and avoid bad ones, as well as practice strategies applicable to the real world.

Length: 1 hour/26 lectures
Cost: $20


This well-rounded lecture covers all you need to be financially savvy--personally and professionally. You have the option to learn about decision making, value, markets, and debt both locally and globally.

(Note: All sections are sold separately.)

Length: 4 lessons
Cost: $79 per lesson


Don't have a business background but wish you did? No problem--this course will teach you all about how businesses interact with stakeholders, business organizational structures, and the role of corporate governance in business.

Length: 4 to 5 hours per week/10 weeks
Cost: $89


Interpersonal Skills

These 18 methods of persuasion, backed by science, will make you a key influencer in your company. Not only that, but you'll convince people to want to be persuaded by you. (How cool is that?)

Length: 1 hour, 21 minutes
Cost: $19.99 a month


Because so much of our communication is nonverbal, it's an important ingredient to moving up and around in the world. Here's how to send the right message using body language.

Length: 5.5 hours/29 lectures
Cost: $50


The best leaders are the ones who stand beside you, rather than above you--which is why this course chooses to teach students how to lead as a team and avoid top-down authority.

(Note: All sections are sold separately.)

Length: 3 lessons
Cost: $79 per lesson

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Personal Development

We all want to find more time in the day to get everything done. Well, chances are you don't know where your time is going--this class will put your schedule into perspective and help you improve your time management for maximum productivity.

Length: 5 hours/30 lectures
Cost: $30


Hone your skill set and increase your hireability with this course. You'll look into all the traits of a successful employee, from time management to communication tactics to business writing.

(Note: All sections are sold separately.)

Length: 9 lessons
Cost: $35 to $49 per lesson