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We’re betting you could probably use a little more organization in your life. Because the more together you (and your belongings) are, the easier it is to do your job and push your career forward.

Below is a no-BS, step-by-step guide to organizing every part of your life. Even better? Every article comes from the dedicated experts here at The Daily Muse--meaning you can trust all of this advice. So get ready, dive in, and become the person The Container Store wants you to be.

Step 1: Clean Your Desk and Make it a Place You Want to Work

We’ll start with the basics: where you work every day. Make sure it’s clean, neat, and inspiring. Here’s what we suggest you start with:

Step 2: Reclaim Your Computer

The overcluttered icons on your desktop and random folders are seriously crowding your computer. Don’t forget: Your online space needs to be clean, too.

Step 3: Reach Out to Your Network

It’s time to get your social life in order, specifically your professional social life.

Step 4: Refresh Your Inbox

“My inbox is already so pristine 24/7,” said (almost) no one ever. Learn tips and tricks that work for you-;so that you can conquer your email (instead of the other way around).

Step 5: Reinvigorate Your To-Do Lists

Figuring out the perfect to-do list strategy may take time, but it’ll totally be worth it when you’re getting through your agenda like a champ.

Step 6: Rethink Your Career Goals

It’s time to kick your goal-setting into high gear.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your new, organized life going!