Betsy Miller believes that life is better when you are organized. You are more productive and even happier. She was just 28 years old when she turned that belief into a professional organizing business, working with clients to declutter and design spaces that are "pretty and practical."

Miller launched 2B Organized two decades ago, before HGTV, Pinterest, and the television show Hoarders brought home and office organizing--part of the exploding multi-billion-dollar home services industry--into the mainstream. Miller jokes that she was "country when country wasn't cool," bringing a down-home flair that made professional organizing seem more accessible and even fun.

This was also before Miller realized the importance of branding. "As a new business owner, I was really just trying to hit the pavement and get clients. Brand recognition wasn't at the top of my list. Now it is the number one priority," she says. That's in part because, five years ago, at the prodding of her best friend, Miller decided to franchise her business. Now she strives for consistency across all six of her locations. She wants her customers in central Kansas and Ohio to "recognize her logo and brand name as much as they do here in Springfield, Missouri, where it all started."

"Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

The UPS Store has played a critical role in 2B Organized's success story. Miller has partnered with her local store for about 10 years, and she describes it as her Cheers. The owner, Rachelle Scott, has become a personal friend. "You go in there, and everyone knows your name. It feels like an old neighborhood general store," says Miller. "It is also one-stop shopping. I can pick up my business cards; grab my mail, which has a street address attached to it, so people think I have a storefront; do my printing; and get my graphics done--all in one place. Plus, the people are nice, and there are always snacks. The only thing missing is a wine bar!"

What separates Scott and her team is their attention to detail. They have a keen design eye and help Miller ensure her marketing and promotional material--which includes business cards, client assessment forms, checklists, a franchise manual, gift certificates, and mailers--are pristine. On one notable occasion, just before Scott was ready to print 500 copies, she spotted a typo in a promotional piece Miller's team had designed. "Scott is thorough about everything, right down to the consistency of the social media icons we use across our printed material," says Miller.

Miller instructs other franchise owners to use The UPS Store, too. This makes communication and customizing marketing collateral simpler. "The great thing is my store can share templates with the other local stores. Then everything stays consistent," she explains, adding that Scott even follows all of the 2B Organized locations' Facebook pages and reaches out to Miller should anything seem incongruous. "A few months ago, one of our franchise owners posted something that was incorrect, and Rachelle caught it. Even I had missed it! That was going above and beyond," she says.

Onward and Upward

Miller built a local brand. Now she wants to build a national one. Her goal is to have a minimum of one franchise in every state. "Actually, I would love to have as many franchises as The UPS Store does," Miller clarifies. "How is that for a goal?"

Creating and maintaining a consistent brand image and raising brand awareness are key components of Miller's growth strategy. She is confident The UPS Store will continue to play a crucial role in this journey. Prior to their partnership, Miller tested out other printing vendors, but they didn't have the same depth of service, and "they just didn't feel homey and welcoming," she says. "I know my The UPS Store wants me to succeed. I feel that when I walk in there. They want to do whatever they can to help my business grow. I never felt that anywhere else."