On this second episode of Small Biz Challenge: Where We Grow From Here, host Shannon LaNier talks to Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO of Herjavec group and star of ABC’s Shark Tank, about creative ways to manage cash flow during this difficult time. Hear how to find the funding to make payroll, keep the supply chain intact, and more.


Highlights From This Episode

Shannon LaNier:

What advice you would give to small businesses that are going through a lot of money matters right now and a lot of money concerns?

Robert Herjavec:

I think what we're trying to tell small businesses is really three key words. Word number one is honesty. Second is resilience, and three is trigger. This is not the time for false modesty, false hope. You didn't start this business because you're weak. You started this business because you're strong.

Go back to that element of strength. It's going to get you through it. This is not going to be won by the people that are big or small. It's going to be won by people that are adaptable and resilient and we all can get through this.

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