On this fourth and final episode in this podcast series, Robert Herjavec speaks to what the post-crisis might look like and the steps smart business leaders should take immediately to prosper in what will be an altered business landscape. 

Highlights From This Episode

Shannon LaNier:

What can we do to prepare our employees, both those who are in the company and those who unfortunatelymay have had to be let go? How can we prepare them for this post Covid-19 world?

Robert Herjavec:

First thing is, know your current state. Second is, know your team. Don't assume that the team you went into this battle with is the same.

What does your team look like? Who's ready for the next wave? Who's not? If you're not ready for the battle in the future, don't expect your team to follow you, because you have to set the pace for the team and you've got to be brutally honest with yourself. Are you going to come out of this as motivated as you were before?

We're all going to be a little bit scarred out of this. The human emotional toll is going to be there for a while, but you've got to be able to shake that off and run hard.

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