Caliano is a custom-built food truck based in San Diego, CA. Owner Mario Maruca uses fresh ingredients cooked over a wood-burning stove to create a fusion of southern Italian food and border Mexican cuisine. "As culinary artists, we want to always deliver beautiful creations to everyone, both visually pleasing and delicious," he explains.

Growing up in both Southern California and Italy, Mario's love for food began at a very young age and he still remembers the taste of his grandmother's wood-fired pizza in his hometown of Nocera. "Those intoxicating smells were captured in the stairs every morning as I came down to drink my cappuccino and eat my biscotti for breakfast," he recalls. 

Getting up at 6 am to make gnocchi with his grandmother and working in his family’s pasta factory for over ten years were the main sources of inspiration that started Mario on his culinary journey.

"I love what I do,” Mario says. “I get to make pizzas for a living. What more could I want?"

Watch the video to learn more about Mario and Caliano.