Things are far from business as usual. Small business owners need real tips and advice right now more than ever, and Inc., The UPS Store, and Robert Herjavec are here to help. In this first podcast episode, host Shannon LaNier talks to Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO of Herjavec group and star of ABC's Shark Tank, about the crucial steps a small business owner should be taking today from cash burn and price fluctuation to customer service and advertising.

Highlights From This Episode

Shannon LaNier:

You mentioned calling five people a day, calling your customers, checking in on them. What else does your day look like? How do you structure and how can small business owners structure or take advice from your day to help structure their day because I know a lot of times it seems like people are waking up a lot later? 

Robert Herjavec:

Barbara Corcoran once said to me a long time ago, the difference between successful people and others is not that they don't feel pain. It's not that they don't feel sorry for themselves, it's how long they allow themselves to live in that state.

I love opening the blinds every morning. It makes me feel like it's a brand new day.

Discipline isn't something you just wake up with. Discipline is a set of habits that you go through every day and the harder the times, the tougher your habits need to be because you got to be disciplined through all of this. 


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