You can make things much more convenient for all of your customers by giving them mobile payment options. There are many services now, such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Venmo, and others, that make this easy.

Having a mobile option is more important for some businesses than others. For example, if you sell products online, it’s essential. However, even brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit from this approach by giving customers the option to order and pre-pay from their mobile devices. You can also offer other convenient options this way, such as purchasing gift certificates.

If you’re selling items or services online, make the buying process as simple and streamlined as possible for mobile users. A growing trend on certain social sites, including Pinterest and Instagram, are “buy” buttons that let customers make purchases without leaving the site. Also, make sure customers can easily navigate your shopping cart or get to your order page. Test the process frequently, and fix any glitches or hiccups.