Thanksgiving is absolutely a time to be spent with friends and family. A time for turkey, and stuffing, and too much pumpkin pie.

But, the demands of your small business yield to no holiday. The good news is that you can find ways to be productive. After all, Thanksgiving is also filled with a lot of downtime that can be put to good use. Consider doing these four things: 

  1. Be the first one up in the morning. Once the morning is in full effect, the busyness of the day will begin. So, get up early, make the first pot of coffee, and get in an hour of focused work.
  2. Be aware of the rhythm of the day. Thanksgiving is always timed around the food. There are hours where the kitchen is a madhouse, and then there are hours when everything is in the oven and it’s a waiting game. During those “waiting” hours, see if you can sneak away and knock some things out.
  3. Block off certain hours to work. If you have things you really need to get done this holiday weekend, block off certain hours to work and put those to good use. Work hard, play hard. That way, you can still be productive, and also make time for family and friends.
  4. Make use of family conversations. Your family will always be honest with you. If you want real feedback on your ideas, share them at the dinner table. You’ll find out really quickly what other people think - and that can be a big positive for you.
Published on: Nov 23, 2017