When business volume is down, many small business owners panic. But the first place to look is at your “marketing basics.” Marketing basics are those simple business development and lead conversion activities that you’ve developed over time and proven to be winners.

Here are a series of questions to help you see if your marketing basics might be the root cause of diminishing business volume.

  • What was your main source of clients back in the early years when you had little money to spend on marketing?
  • Did you have any consistent winning strategies that, for whatever reason, you’re no longer pursuing?
  • Over the past few years, what has been your most reliable tactic to generate business?
  • Are you still implementing that tactic with the same focus and consistency as you did when it was producing so well for your business? If not, why?
  • Can you profitably “get back to basics?”

Sometimes, business leaders get bored with the same old, same old. They get drawn toward sexy new tools and techniques for generating leads. They say, “Our market has changed.” But has it really? If not, get back to basics and watch your business grow.