EyeQuant is a German-based website design consultancy that uses artificial intelligence to study websites and determine what features are likely to connect with visitors - and which are likely to drive them away. Their recent study, first reported by Fast Company, had some pretty clear findings: People are more likely to bounce from cluttered websites than from clean, minimalist ones.

The primary reason for cluttereded website is text. Try keeping your descriptions or instructions limited, and hiding navigation in expandable menus or tabs. Ads and tables can also contriubute to making a site seem too busy, instead try large, high-quality photos.

In additional to building a clutter free website, EyeQuant’s study tells us that these three things need to be clear to a website visitor when they arrive.

  1. What is your business selling?
  2. Why should they care about it?
  3. And where should they go next if they want to engage?
Published on: Nov 22, 2017