Performance reviews are stressful for employees, but they are a good time to touch base and ensure that both the employee and employer are on the same page. If you sit down and say, "So, how are things going?" you're going to miss important topics of discussion.

A review should have an agenda. Here are eight points you should cover in your next performance review:

  1. Areas where the employee needs additional training
  2. Cultural fit
  3. Gaps in knowledge
  4. Workload evaluation
  5. Skills fit
  6. Employee's observations
  7. Things that need changing
  8. Things that are working well

Of course, reviews are not just about you giving feedback - they're also about receiving feedback. What is and what is not working? Are there improvements that your employee wants to make? Are there concerns you should know about? Use the forum to ensure you're learning what needs to happen to make each worker more successful.

Published on: Nov 5, 2017