Even if you have a stellar reputation, some phrases undermine people’s trust in you. Foster greater levels of trust by eliminating these four phrases from your vocabulary:

  1. Believe me.” People who are lying often tell others to believe them. Don’t use this phrase.
  2. As far as I know.” You may just be trying to be super accurate, but your listener may assume you’re leaving yourself an out when your statement turns out to be false.
  3. The real issue is.” Most people don’t like to lie, so they use a phrase like this to redirect the conversation to a different topic. Do that, and you’ll be seen as evasive and untrustworthy.
  4. Repeating the question. If someone asks you a question and you say it back to them, you may just be making sure you heard right. But it can sound like stalling for time. If you didn’t hear, make sure to say so
Published on: Apr 6, 2017