When your mind says mañana, force your soul to shout vamos ahora ("let's go now!"). Like flicking a switch, you can pivot from a state of procrastination into one of activity. Here's an easy trick: don't worry about going hard for the next 12 hours straight. Instead, just commit to 10 more minutes of effort-;just 600 seconds.

What happens is that your brain shifts from stopping to doing. By the time the 10-minute buzzer rings, you'll be enjoying momentum and activity. The last thing on your mind at that point is quitting.

The 10-minute activity commitment can change your mood, brain chemistry, output, and more importantly, your results. Like a Pavlovian bell, train yourself to respond with "just 10 more minutes” when your instincts are luring you toward mañana.

Published on: Jan 14, 2017