Being a powerful negotiator isn’t about strong-arming your position. Instead, the best negotiators have five positive attributes that make them effective:

  1. Positivity. Would you rather buy a product that promises to fight fatigue or one that boosts energy? The promise to “boost energy” is more persuasive. The best negotiators focus on the positive.
  2. Confidence. People generally respond better to confidence than competence. Masters of persuasion leverage this fact without ever crossing over into pushiness.
  3. Active listening. Ask the right questions and really listen to the responses. To persuade others, you need to understand their needs, perspectives, and objections. 
  4. Flexibility. Be open to modifying your approach to suit your audience.
  5. Authenticity. The best persuaders know that if people don’t believe you’re being true to yourself, they won’t trust anything you’re saying.