Achieving goals is largely about commitment. Before you set the next goal for your small business, ask yourself the following questions to see how committed you are to achieving it: 

  1. Am I willing to give up my free time or adjust my routine and schedule to make this happen?
  2. Am I ready to save money and go without certain luxuries so I can make this happen?
  3. Am I okay with being criticized and made fun of by friends, family, and peers who don’t share my ambition or want to see me succeed?
  4. Do I understand that the time and energy it takes to make this happen could be far more than I expect?
  5. Will this goal truly help my business and get it to where I want it to be?
  6. In my heart, am I saying with 100 percent conviction, “I will not give up?”

If you can sincerely answer yes to all of the above, then you’re on the road to success.

Published on: Aug 3, 2017