Traveling with devices can make your company more vulnerable to cyberattack. Stay safer with this five-point action plan.

  1. Bring only the electronic devices that you need for the trip. Don’t bring any devices that have sensitive data unless absolutely necessary. Lock them up in a safe place at home.
  2. Obtain a “throwaway” or “high-risk zone” device. If you are traveling to an area that has a high risk for hacking--China, for example--get a temporary or pre-paid device dedicated for use while you’re in that risky zone. After the trip, devices should be wiped, reset to their factory settings, and then re-imaged with their corporate configurations and software.
  3. Backup all your data before leaving.
  4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Whenever possible and practical, keep them off for the duration of the trip.
  5. Notify your credit card company and bank where and when you are traveling. This helps reduce the odds of payments being denied when you try to shop in some far-away place. In addition, you improve the chances of preventing fraudulent charges being made closer to home while you are away.