It's pretty normal to find people slouching and slumping through the workday. After all, gravity isn't your friend, and if we're overwhelmed or working hard, it's difficult to focus on how we're carrying ourselves because we're concentrating on what's in front of us. But science is confirming over and over again that improving your posture is one of the simplest ways to feel better, and be happier and more productive.

In 2010, researchers from Columbia and Harvard Universities found that people who assumed open, expansive postures felt more powerful and had a greater appetite for risk. Additional work led by Erik Peper revealed that individuals who assumed more upright posture not only enjoyed greater strength from the biomechanical body shift, but also were better able to remember positive memories and thoughts. Similar results, including elevated moods, were found in a 2015 study led by Shwetha Nair. In that study, researchers concluded that sitting upright is a simple strategy to help build stress resistance.