As a small business owner, you're often strapped for time and juggling a schedule can be difficult. If you find yourself habitually running late, these tricks should help you get a handle on the clock.

  1. Make yourself a to-do list. Prioritize what's most important on the list, and then cut it in half based on that prioritization. This will keep you more grounded and realistic about what can be accomplished in the time you have. During the first week, jot down estimates of how long you think tasks will take. When you're done, write down how long they actually took. Use the actual time to map out your future schedule.
  1. Based on your weekly journal, identify patterns. Are you late to some things and not others? Maybe there are psychological or logistical issues you need to address or overcome.
  2. Say no. Sometimes it's better to decline, instead of trying to cram more in.
  3. Set alarms on your phone or watch for 10 and 5 minutes before you actually need to leave. At the 10-minute alarm, wrap up what you're doing, or tell others you need to leave in 5 minutes. Then, at the 5-minute alarm, log off, gather your things, and say goodbye.
Published on: Jul 15, 2017