Social media is a powerful marketing tool for many small businesses. Best of all, most platforms provide useful data about your content and how it resonates with audiences. Unfortunately, many small business owners don't take advantage of this by finding the time to analyze, identify and capitalize on what's working. Facebook Page Insights, Twitter Analytics, Instagram Insights, and Pinterest Analytics are just some of the free options available. Regardless of what social media networks you're active on, there are ways to view and analyze user data.

It's important that you carve out some time every week to go over this data and adjust accordingly. This is the quickest way to discover what's working, and then scale those efforts while simultaneously improving or eliminating underperforming strategies. Your social media doesn't have a set-it-and-forget-it option; you have to be constantly evolving and listening to your customers. Let them tell you what they like and dislike, and then adjust your business accordingly.