What are best practices for making your tactile marketing efforts stand out? At least two companies say good things come from small packages.

"What we call 'lumpy' mail - a box, a package, something special - will get more attention than a flat envelope," says Borzou Azabdaftari of The Falcon Lab, a creative digital and print company. "Mixing direct mail that includes gifts or packages with emails helps our clients stay top-of-mind and generates leads. Print has changed, but it still works."

"Our direct outreach strategy combines physical mailings such as custom reports, letters and small gifts with emails and online advertising. On its own, digital advertising and email can become part of the background noise in a world bombarding people with digital information - it gets tuned out," Kipe says. "However, people are drawn to tangible items, and everyone loves receiving a package in the mail! With this combination, a stronger personal and brand connection is formed, and your digital efforts are more likely to jump out from the crowd."

For a surprising and effective twist, look for ways you can integrate lumpy mail into your marketing efforts.