Twitter virtually connects your small business with everyone from world leaders to the guy next door. It can be used to share thoughts with customers and prospects, provide information about products and services, and receive customer feedback. Follow these tips for using this popular social media platform wisely and with tact.

  • Post thoughtfully. Ask yourself if your message is civil, thoughtful, useful, and smart. If you can check these four boxes, you’ve created a message that cuts through the online clutter. 
  • Tweet routinely. Tweet at least daily and, if possible, several times a day. But beware of posting too much. If you post too frequently, you give the appearance you spend your entire day online, which may not be how you’d like customers to think of you.
  • Think reciprocity. When someone credible follows you, follow them back. If you have an opportunity to create a connection or if the follower may be a prospect, use direct messaging to communicate with them privately. If someone retweets something from you, thank them, and be on the lookout for ways to return the favor. Connecting followers to other people is another great way to build an online community.