You can recover from major mistakes, just as some of the greatest entrepreneurs have. For example, visionary entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell, founder of Chuck E. Cheese’s, had a few major stumbles in his life. Once an employer of Steve Jobs, Bushnell made the cringe-worthy mistake of rejecting an offer from Jobs to invest $50,000 for a one-third ownership stake of the then-newly formed Apple Computers, simply because he had no interest in home computers. (This is particularly head-scratching when you consider that Bushnell also co-founded Atari and thus played an integral role in the creation of the home video-gaming industry.)

However, despite missing out on an opportunity to be able to wallpaper his house with money, Bushnell not only survived, but thrived. He is still around today, heading highly successful projects like educational software company Brainrush.