Being a small business owner isn’t easy. If you’re in need of some motivation, try these tips from entrepreneur Melissa Thompson, founder of HarcourtHealth, a health information website: 

  1. Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs. You feed off the energy and vibes of those surrounding you. A single negative person can derail your focus and motivation. If you need some new sources of inspiration and motivation, start attending networking events and connecting with people that share your same goals and ambitions.
  2. Stay positive. As an entrepreneur, you have to accept the fact that it’s not always going to be smooth sailing. There are going to be setbacks, and you are going to be faced with difficult decisions. Learn how to let the difficult times roll off your back and find a good friend or mentor to help you talk things out and let go.
  3. Celebrate milestones. Whenever you reach specific milestones, make sure you reward yourself and recognize your progress. Something as simple as going out to lunch or buying a new pair of athletic shoes can give you the satisfaction needed to keep pushing hard. It feels good to hit milestones, because you know it gets you closer to your end goal.
  4. Have a daily routine. You become much more productive once you establish and begin following a daily routine. When you know what you need to do, it eliminates time wasted trying to figure out what to tackle next.

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Published on: Sep 18, 2017