Remain stagnant in business and eventually the “same ol’ thing” is bound to make you--or worse, your entire industry--irrelevant. How can you innovate well? Start by asking these three questions:

  1. Why? The simple act of asking “why” will help you articulate any challenge before you ultimately understand it. Why does this challenge exist in the first place? Why do we see it as a challenge?
  1. What if?  Asking “what if” gives you the freedom to be creative with solutions. What if we looked at this from someone else’s viewpoint? What if we took ideas from other industries and applied them to this situation?
  1. How? Once you’ve run the gauntlet with “why” and “what if,” it’s time to ask “how.” “How” questions tend to lead you to action. How can I get this completed? How can I define the very first step toward a desired outcome? How would I do this if I had no constraints?

Ask these questions, and things that previously looked impossible might become reality.

Published on: Apr 13, 2017