You can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your cold-calling efforts by targeting specific niche markets of people who can benefit from your unique value proposition. Rather than reaching out to businesses of all different sizes, industries, and offerings, focus in on a narrow group of companies to pitch.

For example, if you're a solo marketing consultant, choosing a small niche market could mean focusing on restaurant clients and developing a specialty there. You can define your beginning niche even more by only targeting companies that are located in the western United States that have 100 to 250 employees. With an approach like this, you'll be able to perfect your pitch much quicker and be more effective than if you were mixing in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Worried that choosing a small niche could limit your options? Don't be. Entrepreneur and marketer Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income shares, "Selecting a niche is a long-term decision, but if it's the wrong one, it's not a long-term loss. You may fail, but as long as you learn, it's time well invested." Simply dust yourself off, and try the next one.

Published on: Aug 21, 2017