Your “elevator pitch” is a short statement you make about your business that captures the prospect’s attention, raises their interest, and makes them likely to invest or do business with you. Your pitch must engage, intrigue, and perhaps even inspire.

To achieve that goal in a few seconds, use this simple three-step formula. 

Step 1: Ask a rhetorical question that focuses on the problems your marketplace faces and that you can fix. A question will automatically stimulate thought, so your prospect will pay attention. 

Step 2: Follow with a simple statement such as, “What I do is...”

Step 3: Focus on special values that clearly state how your customers or clients benefit in ways that most people would not have considered.

Here is an example of how a great pitch might go:

“Do you know that most home sellers get less than they deserve? I am a realtor who markets homes and negotiates contracts, so my clients get the highest price and the best terms possible. I also do it according to their timetable and with the absolute minimum hassle.”

Published on: Sep 10, 2017