If you’re not getting the best results from your email marketing, you may need to get more personal. 

According to Monetate’s “2017 Personalization Development Study,” marketers who exceeded their company’s revenue goals had a dedicated budget for personalization--i.e., customizing communication and efforts to individuals--83 percent of the time.

While this study can’t show a cause and effect relationship between email personalization and better results, it does show a strong correlation. The marketers who saw the best results and return on investment were often using personalization. Seventy nine percent of marketers who exceeded revenue goals had a documented personalization strategy. On the other hand, only 8 percent of marketers that missed their revenue goals last year had a dedicated investment in personalization.

Experiment with different elements of personalization, including addressing emails to a specific individual and crafting customized offers to test how this can improve your results.

Published on: Sep 30, 2017