It’s Armed Forces Day. What better time to learn from the brave people who serve and protect our country? In her book, The Art of Risk, journalist Kayt Sukel talks with Army Special Forces’ Mark Walters, who has served nearly two decades--many in highly-intense combat and stressful, unpredictable situations, not unlike those of a Navy SEAL. He shares important insights for entrepreneurs, including “trust your training.”

Once you are in the proverbial field, it is really easy to rely on your senses, your brain, or even your fear to see you through. Don’t. The chaos of your battlefield is only mitigated by your training.

Walters’ received his training in the Army, but lessons can also come from a mentor, a book, or a speech. It is a matter of taking an external idea or structure and understanding it to the point where it feels like instinct. It is why writers write every day, venture capitalists always listen to new ideas, and military personnel put in time on the firing range.

Bottom line: The sharpest instincts come from practice, work and observation.

Published on: May 20, 2017