Plan your product design around how it will be shipped, showcased, and sold. Your product may be great, but if the merchandising part of it hasn’t been carefully thought out it will never get the attention it deserves. For example, the inventors of Wacky Links, colorful, bendable tubes that kids can use for a variety of crafts, could have decided to package them in hanging plastic baggies because most retailers have a slatwall hook section to accommodate this type of packaging. 

Instead, Wacky Links were packaged in fun plastic tubes that kids could easily hold and use to transport their kit wherever they went. The inventors made sure the tubes could be neatly stocked by nesting them in their very own self-contained counter display. This innovative packaging also helped set Wacky Links apart from competing products, protected the product during shipping, and made them easier for retailers to display right out of the box.

Published on: Jul 14, 2017