Celebrities once dominated influence marketing campaigns, but the Web puts the power of recommendations in the hands of anyone who can command a loyal audience. If you have pockets deep enough to hire Mindy Kaling to not mention your brand, that’s great. However, if, like most small business owners, you have a limited marketing budget, you might find a powerful voice in a micro-influencer with fewer than 100,000 followers.

Micro-influencers are valuable precisely because they have intimate relationships with small but important audiences. They can engage followers on a deeper level than celebrities who pitch to audiences in the millions, and their followers are typically focused on a common interest. Look for micro-influencers who are talking or writing about your market or industry on social media. Observe their engagement levels--if a majority of their followers and contacts are having online conversations, liking and sharing what they post, it’s a good sign that this might be someone you could engage to talk about your brand.

Published on: Aug 4, 2017