Approximately three quarters of small businesses were considering selling on Amazon in 2017. However, if you sell on this enormous platform, it’s possible that you’ll eventually come across a customer who gives you a bad review. Don’t panic! An occasional bad review won’t hurt you, especially if most of your reviews are positive and you respond to a negative review the right way. 

Once you spot a bad review, respond to it. But keep your brand identity in mind when doing so. You always want to be professional and courteous, but also remember the bigger picture of keeping customers happy and resolving issues. Never pick a fight.

You might never have noticed it before, but there’s a comment feature right below each review. You can use it to reach out to customers who left bad reviews. Leave a comment that begins with an apology for the customer’s bad experience. Reaffirm your commitment to customer service, and add a link or email address so the customer can contact you privately. When they do, the best approach is to invest whatever resources you need to make the customer happy. Sure, it could be expensive, but the potential boost to your online reputation is well worth it.

Published on: Nov 26, 2017