Regardless of how you define success, getting there will never be an accident; rather, it involves hard work, tenacity, and a commitment to vision, says Jeff Wehner, cofounder and COO of Haven, an online platform which connects commodity traders, food producers, and shippers to thousands of logistics providers. Before starting his company, he oversaw manufacturing and supply chain strategy at Apple and was an early member of the operations team of Nest, which was acquired by Google. 

His No. 1 tip for success? Stay positive in your small business despite repeated setbacks.

“Everyone has a favorite, pick-yourself-up-off-the-ground quote. To quote Steve Jobs, ‘Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.’ 

“That brick doesn’t just hit one time, it hits over and over again. While at Apple, I managed the complex iPhone production cycle at factories in China. It often felt like nothing would go right. We’d even finish some days behind where we started. As our big launch dates neared and we geared up to announce the next great thing (like Apple just did with the iPhone X), saying ‘Sorry, had a bad week, you’ll have to delay the iPhone announcement,’ just isn’t an option. 

“So, I woke up each morning, ready for another brick, and set my sights on staying positive for the road ahead. The key is not to let those setbacks drive you into a place where inaction feels better than action.”

Published on: Nov 30, 2017