Whether you're looking at hiring your second employee or adding to a substantially larger team, your current employee base is the best source for finding the right people for your business. Why waste money using outside firms to hunt down the perfect candidate, when you could be asking your trusted employees for referrals.

Regularly let your team know what openings you have. Target your highest-performing employees, and ask them if they know someone in their network who would make a great future colleague. A recent survey by Jobvite, which analyzed openings from more than 600 companies, including Starbucks, Zappos, and Whole Foods, showed that candidates who are hired following a referral are hired 55 percent faster than those who are not. Furthermore, three times as many are still employed after three years, compared to those who were hired via the company's career site. So, be sure to use your current staff as a resource to add to your team.

Published on: Oct 20, 2017