“One of my favorite innovation projects, which I featured in my first book Leapfrogging, was Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program. After inviting aspiring “Mompreneurs” to submit one-page business plans, the company funded dozens of exciting new ventures. And limiting the submissions to a single page wasn’t just a time-saving strategy for the folks judging the proposals. 

“The space constraint compelled applicants to crystallize their ideas into easily digestible formats. The best part of one-page business plans is that they facilitate, rather than discourage, feedback and collaboration. It’s hard to get a large number of people to pore through a detailed prospectus, but just about everyone can carve out a few minutes to offer their thoughts on a page-long overview. Thus, one brief email to trusted colleagues, mentors, and even family members can generate a large and invaluable trove of feedback.”

-Soren Kaplan, author, The Invisible Advantage

Published on: Jul 24, 2017