Broken down into its parts and features, the U.S. Declaration of Independence is one of the best entrepreneurial documents in history:

Market need: This is the Declaration's greatest strength because its list of grievances is clear and compelling. Who doesn't want to escape tyranny?

A plan: It doesn't just describe a plan; it put it into action by serving as the impetus for America declaring independence.

Attracting investment: It attracted money from the French.

Attracting a team: An impressive group of early Americans collaborated to compose and sign the document. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were two of the main authors. John and Samuel Adams were signers, and John Hancock also added his John Hancock!

Taking on competition: The Declaration minced no words and stood up to the competition (challenges from the British) and won.

If you're trying to build the next "Great American Success Story," follow the lead of America's forefathers when designing your business.

Published on: Jul 4, 2017