If you’re sending unsolicited introduction email messages, you could be putting one or both parties in an awkward situation. An introduction is essentially committing both individuals to taking time out of their schedules to meet or have a phone call, so you need to be sure that they welcome the intrusion.

If they do, provide enough detail to make the connection useful. Include a brief description of each person’s experience or role, as well as relevant links to LinkedIn profiles or websites, and highlight what they have in common or why they should connect. For example: “Bill: As I mentioned, Kate is a friend and a talented young designer who has just moved to NYC to find work. I know you’ll be able to provide your fellow Rutgers alum with some valuable advice on the industry here in the city. Kate: Bill is a former coworker of mine who heads up the design team at Company X. He can suggest some great local industry events and organizations, and he has some friends at other companies who may be looking for design talent. Hope you two can connect.”

Published on: Jun 25, 2017