It takes time and effort to learn how to use Twitter for lead generation and sales. But here is an easy, four-step guide:

  1. Check your competitors’ profiles to find out who is engaging with their tweets by liking and retweeting them. Anyone who engages with your competitors’ tweets probably has a strong interest in the subject matter that you are likely to be tweeting about as well.
  2. Follow these accounts. Following your competitors’ followers could encourage a significant portion of them to check out your profile to see if they want to follow you back.
  3. Make sure your profile looks good and is ready to impress. Pin a tweet to the top of your profile, including your best offer and a link to a landing page where people can make a purchase or sign up for your emails.
  4. After following, give people three to five days to follow you back. If they don’t, either their account is not active, or they’re not interested in you. Either way, go ahead and unfollow the people that don’t follow you back.


Published on: Nov 2, 2017