Evening is one of the best times to create habits that yield sustainable success. More specifically, the things you do before bed will have a direct impact on the next day. So if you want to win the day, you need to win the night before.

  1. Plan your day. Take the time to schedule and plan how you will optimize the following day, isolating the most important objectives to ensure they get done.
  1. Visualize your success. Try a quick meditation where you visualize reaching your goals. Tap into the feeling you would have in that moment, and feel it in the present. This will help you believe it will happen.
  1. Keep a gratitude journal. Write down three things for which you are grateful--either from the day or in general. Soon you'll see that you feel more at peace before bed, and during the day, you'll start to see the world through a lens of positivity.
Published on: Aug 13, 2017