Even if your company isn't interested in making a mission out of its values, it's still important to identify which of those values define your brand and resonate with customers. These three corporate values help increase customer acquisition and retention.

Transparency. Increasingly, consumers want to know about the inner workings of the brands they buy from, down to how materials were sourced, how products were made, and how the company came to be. In exchange for this transparency, customers are willing to switch to that brand, pay more, purchase a wider range of that brand's products and remain loyal to that brand for life.

Honesty. Provide honest representations of the value you can provide to your customers. In product descriptions and marketing materials, only promise what you can actually deliver. Delivering on your promises will enhance trust between your customers and your brand.

Empathy. Practicing empathy in customer service interactions--whether these occur online, in person, or over the phone--helps humanize relationships with customers and assures them the brand is invested in their satisfaction. Solicit customer feedback and act on those insights. This, in turn, will convey that the brand cares about their customers' experience.