Some days, it’s tough to get stuff done for your small business. Every industry has its version of "writer’s block," and we’ve all suffered from the inability to get in the zone. Try these three daily habits to drastically increase your energy, creativity, and productivity. 

  1. Create a to-do list. Productivity starts with accountability. The simplest yet most effective way to boost your productivity is to create a to-do list. However, this list has to be treated as a set of attainable goals. 
  1. Take care of yourself (physically, mentally, and emotionally). Your body needs nutrients, hydration, and rest. And your brain needs time to shut down and think about something other than work.
  1. Believe in yourself. When you set out to do something, and you don’t fully believe in your ability to do it, you gravitate toward distraction and not the task at hand. It becomes easier to procrastinate than to give something your all and potentially face rejection or failure.
Published on: Dec 7, 2017